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This is a great mix of songs that kids and adults can listen too. It is a collection of songs created for Family Factory – they’re fun, full of energy and most of all have GREAT messages. But don’t just take our word for it…
  • “My kids love this CD. We listen to it over and over again.” - Lauryn T.
  • “There are three songs on this CD that REALLY speak to me.” – C. H. (an adult)
  • “These are great words and fun songs. A good mix…good job.” – B. Hutchins
  • “I’m telling all my friends about this CD – kids, adults, teens, everyone will like this one.” – Rachel G.
  • “Most Christian music sounds all the same, this stuff is original. I love ‘Monkey See’.” – Beth N.
  • “WOW! These songs are so cool. I can’t wait until the next CD.” – Kenny W.
FACTORY HITS: encouraging those who believe, reaching out to those who don’t
Factory Hits. Vol. 1 & 2 are each GREAT collections of Christian songs that both children and adults can enjoy together. Produced by ChristLED for Family Factory, these songs speak to parents by offering insight and advice as well as your "average" Christian. Kids love the energetic music and parents love the quality of the message. This is sure to be a must-have music CD in the area of Christian music, especially Christian children's music. In fact, Track 2, Ordinary People, from Factory Hits Vol. 1 was nominated by CASA as 2007 religious song of the year.

1. Family Factory Theme Song
2. Ordinary People
3. Hold My Tongue
4. God Makes It Grow
5. Win Or Lose
6. Monkey See
7. Wrapped Up
8. We Are His People
9.  Mommy, Daddy
10. Kind Words
11. Working On Our Wings
12. Not About Ya’ll
13. We Are His People (extended)

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Some Children's Ministry, Family Ministry and Music Ministries are using these songs as part of their weekly or monthly programs, in such cases discounts are being offered for quantities of 50 or more allowing the program to resell the music CDs and keep the difference for their programs. If interested or if you want TO BECOME A RETAIL PROVIDER for this CD, contact us at
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