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All credit goes to God, the giver of all good gifts. At His calling, we have realized this "gift."

executive producer: Ty Jones, www.ChristLED.com
produced and engineered by: Curtis Epperson, CuJoStudios.com
all songs written by: Ty Jones & Curtis Epperson
mixed by: Curtis Epperson & Chris Harris
mastered by: Brad Blackwood, www.EuphonicMasters.com
artwork by: www.BlueChipImage.com

Singers: Curtis Epperson, Ty Jones, Kip Long, Rachel Newsome, Chris Nuthak, Christa Inman, Josie Epperson, Anthony Fox, Joe Watson, kids (Jack Holland, Joseph Holland, Taylor Holland, Tyler Holland)


I’d just like to thank the Lord for the ability to communicate to others what I know of Him.  Also my wonderful wife, Judy Jones, for her patience and support as well as my two super-cool sons (Jordan and Griffin) for their inspiration. Thanks to the Nuthak and Wires families for your extreme friendship and constant encouragement. Thanks also to all those friends and family at the original Family Factory at 1910 Sycamore View - it took a while to bring the vision, but it was well worth it. And extra special thanks to Curtis Epperson, he took what little I knew about producing music (close to zero) and produced an excellent album - props my friend!

May God continue to bless His servants,

Ty Jones


all profits go directly back into creating more Christian material,
so please don’t copy or “share” these songs. thanks.

FACTORY HITS: encouraging those who believe, reaching out to those who don’t
Factory Hits. Vol. 1 & 2 are each GREAT collections of Christian songs that both children and adults can enjoy together. Produced by ChristLED for Family Factory, these songs speak to parents by offering insight and advice as well as your "average" Christian. Kids love the energetic music and parents love the quality of the message. This is sure to be a must-have music CD in the area of Christian music, especially Christian children's music. In fact, Track 2, Ordinary People, from Factory Hits Vol. 1 was nominated by CASA as 2007 religious song of the year.
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