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FACTORY HITS: encouraging those who believe, reaching out to those who don’t
Factory Hits. Vol. 1 & 2 are each GREAT collections of Christian songs that both children and adults can enjoy together. Produced by ChristLED for Family Factory, these songs speak to parents by offering insight and advice as well as your "average" Christian. Kids love the energetic music and parents love the quality of the message. This is sure to be a must-have music CD in the area of Christian music, especially Christian children's music. In fact, Track 2, Ordinary People, from Factory Hits Vol. 1 was nominated by CASA as 2007 religious song of the year.
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01. Family Factory Theme Song
2. Ordinary People
3. Hold My Tongue
4. God Makes It Grow
5. Win Or Lose
6. Monkey See
7. Wrapped Up
8. We Are His People
9.  Mommy, Daddy
10. Kind Words
11. Working On Our Wings
12. Not About Ya’ll

Below you will find some history and meaning of each fo the tracks on this CD. Understanding the intent and the origin gives the song a more complete meaning and we wanted to share some of that with you.

FF Opening/Theme Song

This was the first completed song. And since it was to be the center piece of the entire FF theme, it had to be descriptive, fun, interactive, exciting, timeless, performable, yet, it had to be first. That meant looking forward some 2-3 years and seeing what FF could/would become and composing a song that had “everything.” Quite a challenge! I had some 20-30 pages of lines and from that I crafted the chorus and a verse, then another and another. It was very slow and many things had to be eliminated. Themes had to be sharpened and key phrases nailed down. For me, the guy who likes to keep EVERYTHING, this was the most difficult part. I also put a lot of pressure on myself to make it “perfect.”  Curtis (whom you’ll meet in just a moment) and I worked long and hard to get everything in place, and finally it was there. Now the tough part, making a video that could run in parallel with the song to keep visual interest. It was always my intent that the theme song would contain both live and prerecorded portions as well as some reoccurring characters (thanks Lauryn Birdwell for the great costumes). Side Note: I kept track of the time it took to write, compose, record, tweak, film, edit and render the final completed song and it came out to be about an hour of work for every second of actual final project. So, for this 4+ minute theme song I logged more than 250 hours. But for all that work I am very pleased with the final version – to Him be the glory.

For and from the theme song three key words and phrase were established:

SPARK – gonna open my mind

MOLD – gonna put stuff in

FORGE – gonna make it stick

Having now created the Family Factory theme song (see www.FamilyFactory.org for more info on FF), I now needed more fun, cool songs that both kids and adults could listen too, sing along with and NOT get tired off.  And though I liked some of what I heard, I didn’t find exactly what I was looking for, so I decided that I’d write some and try to get them produced.  Problem was I really only know about rap music (please don’t hold it against me) and I can’t sing a lick, I can’t read music or even play a single musical instrument. In fact, no one in my family nor my wife’s family plays anything. I do, however, pick things up quickly.  And despite not knowing musical terms (I now know a few), God gave me the people and the ability to communicate my vision for each of these songs. Those God had prepared and placed in my life included: Chris Harris a good friend who is very knowledgeable in music, trends and people, John Sisk who helped a couple of songs along and then came Curtis Epperson. He first produced a demo version of another song I wrote called “Luke Warm” (I hope that it will make the next album) and I could tell he understood where I was headed. He used the talents God gave him to work with me in creating what you now hear.  So there it is, some of the “why” and some of the “how” these songs were crafted. Read below to see more details about each song…

Ordinary People

This came from a poem I wrote some 5-6 years back with the thought in mind that God could be anyone we meet. And to take that a step further, He IS everyone we meet in the sense that our convictions and core character will be shown by the way we treat others. God himself gave us this command to treat others better than ourselves and “to the least of those you do unto me…” Hopefully you’ll see those ordinary people you meet in a whole different light.

Hold My Tongue

A simple reminder to watch what we say, hear and see. We can chose to share/engage in good things or bad – keep a close watch out. Protecting your mind (and those little minds around you) is the key to living a more holy life. Throw out the garbage. Rid yourself of the trash that’s served daily to us as “entertainment.” This song carries a serious message over a “classic” 50’s sock-hop sound – fun and catchy. Kip did a real nice job on this one.  

God Makes It Grow (1 Corinthians 3:6)

Having struggled through the first year of my graphic design business where I spent too much time and energy in trying to do things myself, I came across this scripture. It was then I realized that I have been trying to grow my business (and not too well I might add). At I started my second year; I made it a habit to do four things. First, was to praise God for any contact I had with potential clients (whether they found me or I found them). The second was to plant the seed (inform them of what types of services I provide, give them examples of my work and help them with their project/problem). Third (and this was crucial), was to water it (only one follow-up call to a prospective client). The fourth thing was to leave it alone, let God chose for me who I do business with. And guess what? He brought me as much work I as I wanted. I learned a valuable lesson (lucky it was early on): it doesn’t matter if you’re talking big, big trees or big, big business, GOD makes it grow. The sooner we learn that and give Him the glory for the things He does, the better and richer (not $$$) our lives will be.

Win or Lose

This song is catchy and fun and though presented as a children’s song, it touches on a profound truth. We get to choose whether we win (go to Heaven and live with God for eternity) or lose (just the opposite of that). This is one of the wonderful wisdoms of God, He made it so that we decide our fate and we each can choose, at any time, to trust and believe in Him, regardless of life status. After hearing these lyrics, Curtis “heard” a Caribbean feel and he went with it.

Monkey See

This song is a kid favorite. It simply says that our kids will mimic what they see us do (which we know but need to hear again and again). So be fully aware of the example you set before your kids; including the friends they have and the friends you have. This song is fun because it changes every time we sing it. The leader has creative liberty to make up funny phonics to be mimicked each chorus. I have more plans for this song (teaser).

Wrapped Up

A classic camp chant is now a song (cool, huh?). This song encourages us to be wrapped up, tied up and tangled up in Jesus, but it also shows us how NOT to do it. You can’t force Jesus on others, you must demonstrate His love by your own actions and others will see Him living in you. People ask how do you come up with this stuff? What made you think about twine and friends forcing Jesus on you? The answer is only God. I have always been a creative person and it comes so natural that it’s hard for me to see why others can’t create things. This is straight up a gift from God, no other explanation.

We Are His People

This song was the first song I composed when I finally decided to start this children’s music album.  It’s been through the most revisions and debate on getting to the final product. It started out titled “Boom, Boom, Boom” which reflected the deep bass at the end of each verse and then into the transition into the secondary chorus (or bridge). And that title really came from my wife and I talking about the colors in the rainbow. Whereas I was thinking, someone should write a song to help people remember the colors of light in order – ROY, G, BIV (was the original Boom, Boom, Boom), from there I wrote the Noah part (with some props to John Sisk), then changed the Booms and then completed the song toward the verse that God blesses, strengthens His people. This song, along with a couple others will be released with alternate versions soon (I hope).

Mommy Daddy

This a song built around some basic questions I have heard kids ask. They wonder if they have not been blessed with pretty voices or if they forget to pray, will God still love them? In this song, the kids get to ask some of these questions and the adults get to answer, then they both come together to end the song in a shared prayer. We need to constantly remind our children that we love them and God loves them and that love is not dependant on external things. I like the “Amens” at the end. Curtis did an awesome job of crafting this song.

Kind Words

What we say and how we say it tells a lot about who we are. God has given us words to bless others, but how many times do we use those words to tear people down. I know it’s hard, but try to tame that tongue, not just the lying and gossip but small subtle things as well.

Working On Our Wings

This song was originally written for a children’s ministry program we had developed that was called “Kids for Christ” or “KFC” which naturally lent itself to “similar” iconic logos and images of a certain fried chicken establishment. So I wrote this theme song which had something to do with chicken (wings), but really referred to angel wings. It’s a simple song about serving and praising God together as well as storing up treasures in Heaven. Well, after talking with Curtis, he liked it so much we (he) built some music and together with the original motions (flap, snap, clap and tap) a “real” song was born. I personally had some issues with the title saying “we’re working on our wings” as I don’t believe we will have wings nor do we “work” our way to Heaven.  Others tried to ease my tensions by offering me the “creative license” out, but for the record, let me again say, I don’t think we’ll have wings nor can you earn your salvation by the things you do. There, I feel better.

Not About Ya’ll

Don’t let this song scare ya’. It is a simple but powerful message. It’s the chant I wanted to stick in your head. Throughout time (Biblical and present) people have thought more highly of themselves than they should. This song offers a couple of Biblical examples but mainly points to us as a reminder that life’s not about us – it’s about Jesus. This is increasingly difficult for us (Americans) and our kids to understand because we live in a time and a land that is so richly blessed. It’s sometimes hard to stay focused on the work at hand, the calling of Christ, the promise of God. I had a totally different direction to head with this song that I may explore later. Just for those not in the south: ya’ll = you all (or anyone in the immediate area).
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