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This second volume of "Factory Hits" includes several songs mainly geared towards children (although adults say they like them just as much as their kids), but also quite a few songs for Christians of all ages. Some slow, some fast, some simple and some more complex, each song bring to mind a different aspect of Christian living. It's our desire that these "catchy" tunes will stick in your head and help keep the glory of God more towards the front of your brain than the back.

Factory Hits vol. 2 offers 12 great tracks of wholesome music for the whole family. We expect to offer videos to go along with some of these songs, but can't make any promises on delivery dates.

FACTORY HITS: encouraging those who believe, reaching out to those who don’t
Factory Hits. Vol. 1 & 2 are each GREAT collections of Christian songs that both children and adults can enjoy together. Produced by ChristLED for Family Factory, these songs speak to parents by offering insight and advice as well as your "average" Christian. Kids love the energetic music and parents love the quality of the message. This is sure to be a must-have music CD in the area of Christian music, especially Christian children's music. In fact, Track 2, Ordinary People, from Factory Hits Vol. 1 was nominated by CASA as 2007 religious song of the year.

1. God Draws Arrows
2. Clickity Clack
3. Monkey See (part 3)
4. Cash Or Credit
5. Rise And Shine
6. All For Me
7. Tired Of Milk
8. Cut The Cord
9. Is There Room?
10. Hard Hat Area
11. Knock University
12. The Sequel

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Some Children's Ministry, Family Ministry and Music Ministries are using these songs as part of their weekly or monthly programs, in such cases discounts are being offered for quantities of 50 or more allowing the program to resell the music CDs and keep the difference for their programs. If interested or if you want TO BECOME A RETAIL PROVIDER for this CD, contact us at
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