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FACTORY HITS: encouraging those who believe, reaching out to those who don’t
Factory Hits. Vol. 1 & 2 are each GREAT collections of Christian songs that both children and adults can enjoy together. Produced by ChristLED for Family Factory, these songs speak to parents by offering insight and advice as well as your "average" Christian. Kids love the energetic music and parents love the quality of the message. This is sure to be a must-have music CD in the area of Christian music, especially Christian children's music. In fact, Track 2, Ordinary People, from Factory Hits Vol. 1 was nominated by CASA as 2007 religious song of the year.
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01. God Draws Arrows
02. Clickity Clack
03. Monkey See (part 3)
04. Cash Or Credit
05. Rise And Shine
06. All For Me
07. Tired Of Milk
08. Cut The Cord
09. Is There Room?
10. Hard Hat Area
11. Knock University
12. The Sequel

Below you will find some history and meaning of each of the tracks on this CD. Understanding the intent and the origin gives the song a more complete meaning and we wanted to share some of that with you.

God Draws Arrows

This song is based on a series of children's books I wrote some 12-13 years back. It talks about the fact that God does give us direction in our lives and that direction will always be to His glory even if we can't see it. Our "job" is to keep an eye and ear out for His whispers and try to follow that direction as He works to build our faith.

Clickity Clack

A Christian rap song talking about staying on the right track. My younger child loves trains and the sound of "Clickity Clack" came into my head one day. From there, I wrote a song that was heavy with both train references and Christian messages.

Monkey See (part 3)

On Factory Hits Vol. 1, there is a song titled "Monkey See." That was the first of 3 I have written. All three songs are basically saying the same thing - kids do what they see their parents doing (much more than what their parents are saying). The first installment was from a bad parents perspective, where the kid was copying poor decisions. The second song continues that with bad language and irresponsibility (it's yet to be released). The third some, on Factory Hits Vol. 2, shows us that kids also imitate GOOD BEHAVIOR - things like prayer and putting others first. so parents beware, watch who you are as it just may be who they become.

Cash Or Credit

I've had to explain this song to several people. But once I do, they're like "wow, OK, now I get it - good song." It's well documented that our rewards in Heaven will reflect our deeds here on earth and if we go around looking for worldly praise, then our reward will be complete. But, if we serve our God in secret, so that the right hand doesn't know what the left is doing, our reward in Heaven will grow. So, it's a reminder to serve with the right motives.

Rise And Shine

The chorus of this song stuck in my head for several days and I thought to myself, "it'd be cool to write a 'wake-up' song that adult could sing/play for their children in the mornings. I'm sure waking up to this instead of TV theme songs will bless your children. It speaks of the essentials of prayer - being thankful of past blessings and present blessings.

All For Me

I hoped this song would have a carnival/karaoke kind-of feel. The chorus talks about the fact that the Trinity is there to help us, bless us and carry us through this life. "They" are there for us just like al the special things in life. A fun, funny song that features several voices.

Tired Of Milk

This was a song I wrote a couple years back with the idea of children who are continually fed "milk" spiritually will remain immature in their faith. Just like we move from milk to solid physical food, we need to make sure our children continue to grow spiritually. I REALLY like the final 8 lines of this song. I mean, come on, working "metabolism" into such a quick-hitting rhyme scheme is AWESOME.

Cut The Cord

A FUNNY SONG with LOTS of GREAT lines. Take your time and listen several times through. It's message is similar to "Tired of Milk." but form a kids perspective. We've all heard the expression "cut the cord" and typically, it refers to releasing a child into a new phase of their live. Same meaning here. We can't be over-protective parents when it comes to their spiritual growth. I've seen grow individuals who have been so safe-guarded by their parents that they can barely stand on their own. Now, as the song says, I'm not saying throw them to the wolves, but rather give them a chance to make mistake and be there to discuss and re-direct them. I have a great video of this song, but who knows if I will ever have the money to make it.

Is There Room?

I simple song about making/leaving space for God in our lives. We are just as busy (or busier) than most Americans and it's easy to get everything done and not have time for God. What happens when God's left out? We know the answer - things run a muck. So make such you are placing God first and make sure you friends are as well - they'll love ya' for it.

Hard Hat Area

This was our attempt at "hard rock, heavy metal." Well, sort-of... The idea of kids being under constant construction is a running theme with me and you'd NEVER leave your kids alone around a REAL construction site. We do "want them Heaven-bound" and to get them there we need to take our jobs seriously. We need to roll up our sleeves and clock in everyday. Our time is short to make that favorable impression, let's not waste it with better careers or excessive hobbies.

Knock University

Again, I REALLY like the idea of this song. Life's tough and we need to know it's tough for a reason. First of all, we messed up, we introduced "sin" into our lives making it "difficult." Second of all, God's goal is to welcome us back, IF we do what He commands. IF we are doing what He commands, we WILL GO THROUGH TRIALS (even if we don't see them as trials)! It's always hard to see the light when you seem surrounded by darkness, but we must believe in the one who loves us more than we do ourselves, He direction, which includes correction, is for our greater good.

The Sequel

Jesus is coming back. No doubt in my mind about that. When He comes back will be a time of the Lord's choosing. So we must live as if today's the day. Let us live in the hope. Just as there is much anticipation for a follow-up of a favorite movie, let us look forward to his sequel and stay faithful to His calling.
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