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What is Family Factory?

How many times does your kid beg to go to church? Ours do! Family Factory is a place where children WANT to be every Sunday. We present basic Biblical stories and Christian values (things like Patience, Kindness, Humility, Honesty) in ways kids can understand – skits, videos, puppets, music and more. And even though it IS exciting and it IS fun, the point of the Factory is bringing parents and kids together for a shared experience, thus allowing parents to fill the role of a spiritual guide throughout the child’s week. Church is not where children get their moral direction, IT’S AT HOME!!!  So if you are not here, you are missing out. And if you are not staying with your child, you and your child are missing out. Come join us at the Factory!

Family Factory is exactly what it sounds like, a place where families are brought together to become more focused on making God the center of their lives.

A factory is where raw materials are brought together to produce something of value. At the Family Factory moms, dads, grandparents and others are brought together with the children, who are at the most impressionable time of their lives, to fulfill their responsibilities in shaping them to know God.

In doing this on such a regular basis, we are challenged weekly to make better use of our daily time. In doing this on such a basic level, we are taught the core characteristics of God. In doing this in such a repetitive manner, we are encouraged to see the world from God’s perspective and keep the “big” picture in mind. In doing this “how” we do this, we are reminded that “love God” and “love your neighbor” mean meeting them where they are by all means necessary.

FACTORY HITS: encouraging those who believe, reaching out to those who don’t
Factory Hits. Vol. 1 & 2 are each GREAT collections of Christian songs that both children and adults can enjoy together. Produced by ChristLED for Family Factory, these songs speak to parents by offering insight and advice as well as your "average" Christian. Kids love the energetic music and parents love the quality of the message. This is sure to be a must-have music CD in the area of Christian music, especially Christian children's music. In fact, Track 2, Ordinary People, from Factory Hits Vol. 1 was nominated by CASA as 2007 religious song of the year.
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